Vladimir Putin admits telling lie to Melania Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not one of the most trusted men on the planet for good reason. He appears to have an uncanny ability to lie, straight faced as he looks into someone’s eyes.

That is why it was no shock that the Russian oligarch admitted that he lied to first lady Melania Trump when the two met for the first time.

A Whopper Of A Lie.

It is common for men to lie to women about the size of a lot of things, which is precisely what Putin did when he spoke to the first lady.

But it was the size of the fish he caught that he lied about.

He told Sputnik News that he was sitting with Trump and Emanuela Mauro, the wife of Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, during a dinner at the G-20 summit held in Hamburg, Germany in July 2017 when he told the lie.

“I told them about Russia. About Siberia. About fishing. But, of course, as you do on such occasions, I fibbed a little. When you are talking about fishing, how do you not embellish?” he said. “I told them about Kamchatka. About the fauna. About the tigers.”

World Order 2018.

The interview with Putin, along with other interviews of the Russian president, were done as part of a Russian documentary titled “World order 2018.”

The interviewer for Sputnik News asked Putting if he made an attempt to “recruit” either of the first ladies.

“No. I haven’t done that in a long time. Even though I used to love doing that. That was my job, as you know, for many years,” he said.

There is no doubt he is a slick talker and is adept at tricking other world leaders into seeing thing his way.

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He befuddled former President Obama for eight years as he did whatever he wanted to do in the Ukraine.

But he has behaved himself since President Donald Trump came into office because it is not as easy to trick the man who has mastered the art of the deal.

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