Vladimir Putin tells Megyn Kelly we are not in a new cold war

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently showed off a new intercontinental ballistic missile last week that, he claims, can defeat any missile defense.

In an interview on Thursday with NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today” Putin denied that unveiling that weapon, and his harsh rhetoric, were a sign of him starting a new Cold War with the United States.

Not My Fault.

Putin has been increasing the rhetoric against Washington but he argued that it started with the administration of former President George W. Bush in 2002.

“My point of view is that the individuals saying that a new Cold War has started are not really analysts; they do propaganda,” he told a stunned Megyn Kelly. “If we are to speak of an arms race, then an arms race started precisely at that point”.

President Bush pulled out of the treaty because, he said, in hindered America’s ability to defend itself from “future terrorist or rogue state attacks.”

“Instead of creating threats to one another, great powers should pool their efforts in protecting against terrorists,” Putin said.

The New Missile.

Putin’s words ring hollow when viewed with the lens of someone who heard him brag of his new missile when he revealed it last week.

Putin stealthily avoided giving Kelly a straight answer when she pressed him by asking if his new missile had run a successful test.

In fact, the Russian president ran circles around Kelly for the entire interview and she was unable to pin him with any question. It was embarrassing.

She even allowed him to stick a thumb in the eye of America when he vowed he would never extradite the 13 Russians who were indicted for interfering in the United States presidential election.

“Never. Never. Russia does not extradite its citizens to anyone just like the United States.” he said. “Does the United States extradite its citizens to anyone?”

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“I have to see first what they’ve done. Give us materials, give us information,” he said.

No surprise that the dumbfounded Kelly had no answer.

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