Vladimir Putin underwent cosmetic procedures, report says

Russian President Vladimir Putin is getting a glimpse of what it is like to be an American president with the latest gossip that has hit the tabloids about him.

A top plastic surgeon said that Putin has had several procedures designed to get rid of his more nerdy image and give himself a more stern appearance.

Tough Guy.

Top British plastic surgeon Gerard Lambe spoke exclusively to The Sun Online and discussed what procedures the Russian strongman has had to give himself that authoritarian appearance.

The Sun described Putin’s past appearance as akin to “a bulgy-eyed Mr Bean lookalike with a chin as weak as your nan’s lemon squash,” and wondered what had changed.

“Putin’s facial contouring has clearly changed over the years and while our face shape can become thinner with age – his is noticeably wider and plumper,” Lambe said.

“This would be largely down to cheek fillers. I’d say he’s clearly got a dedicated aesthetic surgeon on his team as these fillers were certainly quite subtle to start.

“In images from about seven years ago he certainly looks much more gaunt and craggy but some work has been done to create a youthful, fuller contour with fillers,” he said.

A Man Of Change.

It did not take much for Putin to look tougher and stronger than former President Obama, but in 2018, before his elections, some believe Putin has had more work done.

“I can also see a subtle upper eye lift and quite likely a chin lift – giving him a much more alert and fresher look,” Lambe said.

“Overall , I would say hold back on the fillers Mr Putin as there is too much and that’s why it looks much more obvious now.

“I find a lot men who discover how professionally administered fillers and Botox can turn back the clock can go a bit mad and have too much too soon,” he said.

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It could be that he wants to have his best appearance when voters take to the polls.

But it could be that the Russian president wants to show more power than his American counterpart, President Donald Trump, who has been a decisive man of action since becoming president.

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