Pure class: Kavanaugh’s wife gives reporters outside his house… cupcakes

Supreme Court hopeful Brett Kavanaugh’s wife, Ashley, has every reason to treat the media in a nasty way — but that is not her M.O.

Surprising everyone on the scene, Mrs. Kavanaugh handed out cupcakes to the media staking out her house on Tuesday.

Shocked and Dazed

Members of the media often wonder why the public despises most of them — but all they need to do is look at their behavior in the Kavanaugh case to understand why.

A gaggle of media members has been stalking the Kavanaughs’ house, hoping for something — anything — that will give them dirt on Judge Kavanaugh.

What they expect to get regarding a 36-year-old accusation by bothering his wife and children, though, is beyond our knowledge.

With so much attention suddenly being dropped on her front stoop, it would be understandable if Mrs. Kavanaugh went outside with a hose and chased them all away.

Instead, though, she went out and bought some cupcakes to feed the same reporters that are making her life miserable right now.

Leave the Wife and Kids Alone

The fact of the matter is that nothing at all is going to be learned by laying siege to the Kavanaugh’s home.

All this serves to do is bring more scrutiny on Kavanaugh’s wife and children, who have nothing at all to do with these claims.

Dozens of women have testified and written letters defending Judge Kavanaugh.

Meanwhile, his accuser has been invited to testify before the Senate Committee on Monday in either a private or public hearing.

In all likelihood, there will be zero movement on this story until Monday, so why not just leave these people alone in their own home?

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That would just make too much sense, though.

Instead, the media would rather traumatize two young girls and make the entire family miserable for absolutely no reason.

But as expected from a such a family, Mrs. Kavanaugh took the high road. She has pure class.

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