Punishment demanded for calling a guy a 'bloke'

 December 25, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Church of England, which long has been caught up in the extremism of promoting the LGBT ideology, especially transgenderism, has decided to reopen an investigation into a clergyman, now no longer with the church, for calling a man a "bloke" during a video blog.

The revelation comes from Christian Concern, which explained the background: that Rev. Brett Murphy, 38, was targeted by multiple complaints, called Clergy Disciplinary Measures, because of his perspective as a Christian Orthodox Anglican.

Those complaints included not visiting a former parishioner, even though Murphy was not told of the person's illness, voicing a Christian perspective over sex education in U.K. schools, his social media statements regarding the king's coronation, and "misgendering" Rev. Rachel Mann, a man who portrays himself as a woman.

With help from the Christian Legal Center, he was successful in getting all of the complaints dismissed, but then the CDM was re-opened regarding the "misgendering" of Mann, the report said.

Murphy already has left the Church of England to work with the Free Church of England, over the former group's promotion of "same-sex blessings."

Christian Concern noted, however, that the Church of England "continues" to pursue him "to silence, intimidate and force Anglican priests out" if they do not affirm the leftist social agenda.

The comment was made in June when he released his weekly video blog.

"The Bishop of Manchester, Rt. Rev. David Walker, who is one of the most vocal LGBT voices in the CofE, had announced that the Rev. Rachel Mann had been appointed the new Archdeacon of Bolton and Salford," the report said.

Murphy noted, "Now you may wonder ‘is that really newsworthy, Brett’? You may roll your eyes if you are a complementarian, that another feminist is getting a prominent high-ranking position in the CofE, but this is worse than that. The Rev. Rachel Mann is in fact, biologically, a bloke, who identifies and lives as a woman."

Mann himself has told the media, "I’m self-evidently a woman – but I’m glad I was once a man."

Murphy then questioned how Mann would deal with a congregant who sees that lifestyle "as in 'complete rebellion against God’s word.'"

And Murphy warned, "So what you are seeing here is someone who is a radical rainbow activist being put in a position of high authority in a diocese."

His warning included that the Church of England was experiencing a "landslide" into apostasy and heresy.

The first complaint resulted in no "action," but then a review was requested, and a lawyer appointed to the task said the first decision was "wrong."

Murphy's response was straightforward: "As a Christian minister, it is my duty to proclaim the gospel whenever I can. I make no apology for that. The decisions by the CofE to investigate and pursue me for stating biological truth has reinforced and vindicated all the concerns that I raised in the original vlog."

He noted the resurrection of the complaint highlights "the drive within the CofE to censor and banish any dissenting voice that does not agree or celebrate extreme LGBT ideology."

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “The Christian Legal Centre is dealing with a huge volume of cases involving clergy who have been intimidated and punished simply for expressing standard Christian beliefs on marriage and sexual ethics.

"Promoting same-sex blessings is a catastrophe for the CofE. It is a clear departure from the biblical model for marriage. We will continue to see the Church of England decline if it insists on continuing this course."

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