Pro-Trump pundit Bill Mitchell permanently banned by Twitter

President Donald Trump is known for having some controversial followers on Twitter — and now, another one of them has been silenced in dramatic fashion.

Bill Mitchell, a high profile Twitter personality who is well-known for his support of the president, has had his account permanently suspended, The Hill confirmed.

Twitter permanently suspends Mitchell

According to Twitter’s statement to The Hill on the matter, Mitchell was accused of using additional accounts to help protect his original account from being sanctioned.

“[Mitchell] has been permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules by using one account to evade the suspension of another account,” the platform explained, according to The Hill.

Mitchell, however, claimed in a post of his own on competitor platform Parler that Twitter banned him because he was commenting negatively on mandatory mask-wearing during the coronavirus pandemic.

After the ban was put in place, Mitchell sarcastically stated, “I’m sure their decision wasn’t political at all,” as The Hill noted.

Whatever happened to free speech?

There may be those who are not at all disappointed to see the end of Mitchell, given his propensity for incendiary posts that likely harm the president’s cause more than help it.

But in the United States, citizens are supposed to enjoy the freedom of speech, and therefore if proponents of the Black Lives Matter movement are free to advocate for violence against police officers, and racist groups are allowed to promote their ugliness anywhere they like on social media, why shouldn’t Bill Mitchell be afforded similar liberty to speak his mind?

Before President Trump was elected, Twitter and Facebook engaged in far less censorship when it comes to direct political speech from users.

Once Trump took office, however, the clamps began to tighten, especially on conservatives, and even more so on those trading in what many perceive to be wild conspiracy theories.

The president attempted to address the situation back in May by signing an executive order designed to prevent blatant online censorship of this sort.

The impact of that order, however, has been limited thus far, and conservative outlets of all descriptions continue to suffer the wrath of the thought police that run just about every popular social media platform today.

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