Pundit diagnoses Hillary Clinton with ‘projection syndrome’

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is in her glory right now, watching President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr be repeatedly attacked by Democrats in Congress — but according to columnist Victor Davis Hanson, she may be suffering in silence.

Hanson has unofficially diagnosed Clinton with “projection syndrome,” in light of recent assertions by the former secretary of State that “any other person [besides Trump] who had engaged in [criminal] acts would have certainly been indicted.”

Indeed, it seems Clinton has refused to accept her own wrongdoing, and instead, is projecting her own crimes and misgivings onto others.

Projection Syndrome

Fox contributor Tomi Lahren recently did a segment about how the best way to distract people from what you are doing is to accuse others of doing the same thing.

To that end, Hillary Clinton is widely believed to have been one of the most corrupt politicians in modern history. And this goes well beyond her neglecting her duties during Benghazi.

She took money for pay-to-play while secretary of State, funneling millions through the Clinton Foundation.

The money that did not go through the Foundation went straight to her husband Bill in exorbitant speaking fees.

That is why she did not win the election.

But now, Mrs. Clinton is using the trendy Trump-Barr controversy to not only deflect her own behavior, but also to justify her 2016 loss.

She’s Not Alone

This problem of projection syndrome seems to have infected the entire Democratic Party and the media.

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC recently did a segment pushing the narrative that Bill Barr lied under oath during his April 10 hearing in front of the Senate.

That narrative has been picked up by virtually every power player in the Democratic Party, including Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY), who serves as the House Judiciary Committee chairman, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA).

They purposely misrepresented a segment of Barr’s testimony to make it appear as though he committed perjury.

They took an answer made by Barr about his obstruction conclusion and portrayed it as Barr’s response about his summary letter.

In essence, they are all accusing Barr of doing exactly what they are doing to the American people — lying.

Hillary Clinton is irrelevant now, and she is doing everything in her power to become relevant again. But the only way she can do that is to throw shade on William Barr and Donald Trump by accusing them of doing the very things she did when she was in office.

And, that, my friends, is the very definition of projection syndrome.

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