Governor of Puerto Rico announces resignation amid widespread protests

After weeks of protests, the embattled governor of Puerto Rico has finally given in.

Late Wednesday night, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced his resignation from office, CNBC reports.

He will officially step down Aug. 2.

Disaster in Puerto Rico

The mismanagement of Puerto Rico is the stuff of legends. The U.S. territory has been in debt for decades, and its infrastructure is more reminiscent of a third-world country than a U.S. territory.

This situation was exacerbated after Hurricane Maria went on a rampage over the island. Many of the government officials tried to put the blame for the ensuing disaster on the Trump administration, but it was quickly revealed that long-lasting corruption and mismanagement were at the root of the problems for Puerto Rico.

Then, after the first wave of relief money was sent, it became apparent that government officials were trying to keep as much of that for themselves, rather than fixing the problems of the island.

For that reason, federal government officials were more hesitant to release more funding, in fear the funds would be squandered away by island leadership.

Change is coming

All of this turmoil led to protests that quickly gathered support around the nation, in part thanks to the help of notable native celebrities, who got the ball rolling by joining in on local protests.

Once the protests caught the national eye, presidential candidates and elected representatives joined the chorus calling for Rosselló’s resignation.

The situation became more intense when transcripts of vulgar conversations between Rosselló and other Puerto Rico officials were revealed. Numerous members of Rosselló’s cabinet resigned, but through Wednesday, the governor refused to leave office.

Finally, late Wednesday, Gov. Rossello made his resignation official on Facebook, stating: “The demands have been overwhelming and I’ve received them with the highest degree of humility.”

His resignation could not come at a worse time for Democrats, who are struggling in the news cycle after Robert Mueller’s bungled congressional hearing.

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