Book publisher says O.J. Simpson once confessed to murder

If there is anyone left in America, or the world, that does not believe that OJ Simpson murdered his ex-wife and her friend, this should change that.

The publisher of Simpson’s book “If I Did It” has said that the former NFL star confessed that he committed the murders in 2006.

The Beginning..

It was 12 years ago that Simpson spoke to former HarperCollins publisher Judith Regan to promote his book with an interview that was set to air on Fox at the time.

In the interview, Simpson described in detail how he would have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, if he did it.

But he told the story as if he did do it and, according to Regan, the reason for that is because he did.

The interview did not make it to television, the book was scrapped and Regan was fired from HarperCollins for agreeing to publish the book.

Now the interview is going to be seen when Fox airs the 12-year-old interview but what was said off camera.

The Confession.

In the special, “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?” Regan talks to journalist Soledad O’Brien about working with Simpson and his attorneys and what she was told.

“I received a phone call from an attorney who said that O.J. was ready to confess,” Regan told O’Brien in a snip of the video given to TMZ. “And actually, I thought it was some kind of a scam and didn’t believe him, and I thought, ‘This guy’s a lunatic,’ but I took his number and said I’d call him back.”

“The next day I called him back and he said he was willing to do it, and the only condition that he had was that he didn’t want to call the book I Did It,” Regan said. “He wanted to put an ‘if’ in front of it, so he would have deniability with his children. He couldn’t face his children and he couldn’t tell them that he had done it. That was the way it was portrayed to me. That was his only condition.”

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The show airs on Fox on Sunday March 11.

If you are one of the tiny minority that has doubts about Simpson’s guilt, it could change your mind.

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