Poll shows public does not care about Stormy Daniels narrative

Stormy Daniels attempt at making some easy money appears to have taken a major blow.

While her adult film fans are clamoring to get more of Stormy, a new poll shows the bulk of America simply does not care about Daniels’ story any longer.

The Poll

The Quinnipiac Poll is a devasting blow to Stormy Daniels and her headline seeking attorney.

An amazingly low 23 percent would consider this alleged affair to be an important issue in our country’s political scene.

This is not just a conservative viewpoint, either.

The non-interest in this story goes significantly across party lines.

A slight majority of Democrats (51 percent) are not interested.

An amazing majority of Republicans (90) percent are saying it is a non-issue.

Even independent voters don’t care, with 79 percent of them saying this alleged affair is not a big issue to them.

When respondents were additionally asked about the alleged hush payment made to Daniels, the responses were still very low as far as being concerned about it.

Only 38 percent said Trump actually knowing about the payment was important to them.

Run Its Course

The liberal news media was betting this was going to be the “scummy” headline they could create that was going to take down Trump.

In addition, Democrats were hoping they could use this as grounds to impeach Trump.

However, much as they tried, the story simply never gained any traction.

Bad News for Stormy

Several reports stated Stormy Daniels was hoping to use her newfound 15 minutes of fame to cash in.

While she has had an uptick in fame within the porn industry, it would appear any hopes she had of converting her star to the mainstream have been completely quashed.

One of the main reasons behind this is the fact she has simply come off as unbelievable.

She didn’t do herself any favors during that 60 Minutes interview.

Everyone was concentrating more on the fact she looked like she was “on something” rather than her claims.

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Furthermore, she often looks like she is making things up on the fly rather than simply telling the truth.

Most Americans now believe the time for this story to go away has arrived.

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