Psaki admits Biden’s infrastructure bill is really a climate change bill

The White House just admitted the truth about President Joe Biden’s so-called infrastructure proposal.

Press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Friday that Biden’s infrastructure bill “is a climate bill in many ways,” the Washington Examiner reported

Biden introduces proposal

Psaki made the admission following Biden’s visit to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Friday to introduce his $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal.

“This package … is a climate bill in many ways, and there is a lot of work in there that is going to help revolutionize the clean jobs market,” Psaki told reporters.

“This package recognizes the profound urgency and existential threat of the climate crisis,” she continued, adding that that it is an opportunity to “right the wrongs of past environment [in]justice.”

Climate change focus

Critics have already pointed out that only a small part of Biden’s recently proposed infrastructure package targets what is traditionally considered infrastructure, namely, roads, bridges, seaports, tunnels and airports.

As Psaki admitted, a large part of the proposal is aimed at combating climate change. For example, the proposal allocates hundreds of billions for electric cars, to retrain those who have been working in the fossil-fuel industry, to clean up abandoned coal mines, to plug abandoned oil and gas wells, and more.

In that way, it is reminiscent of the recently-passed coronavirus spending bill, where, again, only a small part of the $1.9 trillion went to actual coronavirus relief.

Republicans to fight

Congressional Republicans are looking to prevent Biden’s infrastructure proposal from going through on the grounds that it is fiscally irresponsible. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that he will fight the proposal “every step of the way.”

It’s unclear whether Democrats, if they fail to get any Republican support for the infrastructure package, will try to push the package through using reconciliation, as they did with the coronavirus spending bill.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm recently suggested that the Democrats are willing to take this route during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union. “We want to make it bipartisan,” she said,” adding, “you know, ultimately, if that doesn’t happen, [Biden] is elected to do the job to win the future for America to invest in our future.”

Democrats continually claim that Americans overwhelmingly support Biden’s proposal, which they believe gives them a mandate to use whatever means necessary to get it passed. According to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Biden wants Congress to vote on his infrastructure package by Memorial Day.

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