Psaki dismisses suggestion that Biden admin needs to change its approach

As the Biden administration faces widespread unpopularity among the American people, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki this week seemed to argue that everything is generally progressing as intended.

Following a reporter’s question regarding whether the administration should change its approach, Psaki essentially responded with a no.

“That’s the path forward for us”

According to the Daily Caller, Psaki fielded the query with some positive spin on the president’s achievements, specifically pointing to an increase in COVID-19 vaccinations and a dropping unemployment rate.

As for why much of the Biden administration’s agenda remains stalled on Capitol Hill, Psaki put the onus on Congress.

“When you have a small margin and threshold in the Senate, it’s very difficult to get things done and to get legislation passed,” she said. “The fact that the president, under his leadership, got the American Rescue Plan passed, a bipartisan infrastructure bill with 19 [GOP] votes in the Senate … that’s a path forward for us.”

The reporter was apparently not satisfied with that answer, pressing further: “So the sense is things are going well — there’s no need for change right now?”

Psaki asserted that presidential staffs “do hard things” behind the scenes, which might not always be what some Americans want to see.

“That wouldn’t be very rewarding”

“We could certainly propose legislation to see if people support bunny rabbits and ice cream, but that wouldn’t be very rewarding to the American people,” the White House press secretary quipped, according to the Daily Caller.

As the Biden administration nears its one-year mark, however, the president’s polling numbers continue to hit new lows. One new Quinnipiac University survey found his approval rating to stand at a dismal 33%.

Adding to the bad news for Biden is the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down his vaccine mandate for private companies with more than 100 employees.

Furthermore, a pair of Senate Democrats — Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia — continue to oppose the president’s goal of removing the filibuster to pass a partisan voting bill.

All of these political hurdles have come within the past week and add to a list of issues from rampant inflation to an ongoing crisis along the southern border. Meanwhile, Psaki seems to signal no hope that the administration plans to change its approach.

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