Proud Boys' J6 convictions set stage for Dems' next likely lawfare target: Trump

May 5, 2023
World Net Daily

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Critics and supporters of Donald Trump said the government's successful prosecution of four "Proud Boys" J6 protesters on "seditious conspiracy" charges in a Washington, D.C. court could pave the way for him being criminally prosecuted in the same, Democrat-friendly court system.

After seven days of deliberation, a D.C. jury containing members with openly leftist sympathies Thursday found ex-Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio and three other members of the anti-left group guilty of "seditious conspiracy" and other related charges for their actions in the "Stop the Steal" melee on Jan. 6, 2021 at the nation's Capitol.

"The legal maximum penalty for either seditious conspiracy or obstruction charges is 20 years in prison," the Washington Post reported. Further details of the ruling can be found at, which called the verdict a "highly politicized miscarriage of justice."

Julie Kelly, the leading conservative pundit chronicling what she calls the Biden administration's "abusive" J6 prosecutions and extremely harsh treatment of J6 prisoners,  tweeted Thursday: "A rogue judge, dirty prosecutors, and biased DC jury just handed Merrick Garland's handpicked special prosecutor the biggest gift of his career: a roadmap to indict Trump on seditious conspiracy and other crimes."

The sub-head to Kelly's April 28 article on the ominous implications of a Proud Boys guilty verdict reads: "Guilty verdicts in the most consequential January 6 trial will be the green light the Justice Department has been waiting for to go after the former president."

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland called a major press conference Thursday to celebrate the legal victory, saying, "Today's verdict makes clear that the Justice Department will do everything in its power to defend the American people and American democracy."

Kelly, a writer for American Greatness, warned that Garland's team is now emboldened to go after Trump, tweeting: "You don't line up DOJs heaviest hitters including head of National Security Division (Matt Olsen, far left [in photo] below) to just brag about Proud Boys verdicts."

Liberal corporate media leaned heavily on the left's "violent insurrection" narrative to report on the Proud Boys conviction. The Washington Post, in an article with four reporters, quoted a staffer from the far-left, pro-BLM Western States Center, which it conveniently labeled a "civil rights" group: "The convictions mark a milestone on the journey to accountability for the perpetrators of the Capitol attack, 'showing that political violence and attacks on our democratic institutions will be taken seriously by our justice system and will not be tolerated by the American people,' said Lindsay Schubiner, director of programs at Western States Center, a Portland-based civil rights group that monitors anti-democracy movements nationwide."

The Post also quoted New York University law professor Ryan Goodman, who said the verdict "empowers the special counsel [investigating Trump, Jack Smith] to bring indictments for efforts to overturn the election, according to the newspaper. "It underscores the enormous stakes in mobilizing Americans to believe the 'big lie' and directing an armed crowd to interfere with the congressional proceedings," Goodman told the Post.

Regarding the professor's comment about the "armed crowd," a common quip among pro-MAGA critics of the Democrats' J6 narrative is that this was the first insurrection "with no guns," as former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said mockingly in his April interview with Kelly (see video at bottom).

But even the Post, whose antipathy for Trump and his MAGA movement – as reflected by skewed coverage – is well-documented, reported: "But U.S. prosecutors have not produced any 'smoking gun' evidence explicitly tracing the actions of any of the Capitol's violent actors to Trump or his advisers – either from a cooperating witness or an actual written message – although that conceivably could change if anyone still facing charges or pending sentencing 'flips' and cooperates."

'Amps the pressure up on Jack Smith'
The left wasted no time in exploiting the Proud Boys conviction to put pressure on Biden and the DOJ to now take the same "seditious conspiracy" prosecutorial strategy to Trump himself. Special Counsel Jack Smith was appointed by Garland appointed to investigate Trump's handling of classified documents and Trump's actions surrounding Jan. 6.

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