Protests over Rittenhouse trial verdict erupt in streets of New York City

After nearly the entire week spent in deliberations, the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse case reached a verdict on Friday that resulted in the Illinois teenager’s complete acquittal, as he was found not guilty on every charge he faced.

Immediately after the verdict was read, the media shifted its focus to the possibility of widespread rioting, looting, and violence breaking out across the country as a result, and according to the Daily Caller, several small, but loud, protests erupted in New York City.

A few dozen protesters gathered throughout the evening in Kenosha, Wisconsin outside of the courthouse where the trial took place, though there were no reports of widespread violence or destruction, thankfully.

What happened?

Numerous videos were posted on social media Friday night as a group of protesters in NYC, mostly comprised of supporters of Black Lives Matter (BLM), gathered and began chanting “every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground.”

The protesters, in another video, can be heard chanting the familiar anti-cop threat of “hey hey, ho ho, these racist cops have got to go.”

Many social media users were at least somewhat confused at the protests and their various chants, as there were not any “racist” cops involved in the Rittenhouse trial, nor were any Black men or women killed by Rittenhouse last year in Kenosha.

What’s next?

While the protests that occurred on Friday night were nowhere near the magnitude that presumably many in the left-leaning mainstream media were hoping for, some believe that such events could erupt over the weekend, as is typical.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D), early on, mobilized at least 500 Wisconsin National Guard troops on standby in case riots were to happen, announcing that the troops would be available to bolster local law enforcement.

Many questioned why the governor was so quick to make the call to mobilize National Guard this time around, compared to last year when the riots were actually taking place in the small Wisconsin city and numerous businesses were burned, damaged, or totally destroyed, with virtually nobody left to help.

With many in the mainstream media, and even President Joe Biden, are seemingly encouraging protests in the wake of the not guilty verdict, only time will tell if they ultimately get their wish.

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