Protestors target AOC amid NYC migrant crisis

September 16, 2023
Robert Ayers

The press conference that U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other New York Democrats tried to hold on Friday did not go as they had planned. 

The event, according to Fox News, was interrupted by protestors who were clearly not happy with the migrant crisis that is currently taking place in New York City.

There will be more on New York City's migrant crisis later. But, for now, suffice it to say that the crisis is the result of the kind of open-border policies espoused by the likes of Ocasio-Cortez.

The focus of the press conference was this migrant crisis. And, it was also to address the concerns of residents amid what appears to be a growing backlash to the situation.

"Close the border"

The press conference took place on Friday outside of the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. This hotel, like many others in New York City, has become a refuge for migrants.

Right from the outset of the event, protestors were heard yelling, among other things, "Send them back!" and "Close the border!"

Ocasio-Cortez, nevertheless, attempted to proceed with the press conference. According to the Washington Examiner, She said:

Ultimately, I think there are three points of consensus here that are very important in getting a solution to this issue. The first is that there is consensus here across geography and states on increasing federal resources to cities and municipalities dealing with this issue. The second is to allow for work authorizations so that the folks in here can get to work and start supporting themselves as soon as possible. They're prevented from getting jobs, they're prevented from employment, and that is part of the strain on our public systems.

The Examiner reports that Ocasio-Cortez's "final point is an extension of temporary protective status for Venezuelans"

As Ocasio-Cortez was speaking, the chants only grew louder. And, within minutes, Ocasio-Cortez asked her fellow Democrats, "ready to wrap up." In other words, she was ready to get out of there.


More than 110,000 migrants have moved to New York City in the past year.

They came because they were invited by New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), who insisted upon New York City being one of America's top so-called sanctuary cities.

As would be expected, this influx of migrants has placed a tremendous strain on the city and its resources. And, many who initially supported the relocation of migrants to New York City are now opposing it, including Adams.

Adams recently predicted that, with roughly 10,000 migrants coming to the city per month, New Yorkers are about "to lose" New York City. Adams highlighted the heavy financial burden that comes with housing the migrants.

It is unclear how the situation is going to progress from here, but what is clear - as demonstrated by Friday's press conference - is that there is growing frustration among New York City residents.

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