Anti-gun protestors swarm Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home

In the aftermath of two mass shootings over the weekend, and in light of the fact that Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused to hold a vote on certain gun control bills passed by the Democratic-controlled House, angry gun control advocates showed up at McConnell’s Kentucky home to profanely express their great displeasure.

Fox News reported that McConnell, who recently fractured his shoulder during a fall in his home, was at the residence at the time it was besieged by the infuriated anti-gun protesters.

The protesters took video of their antics outside Senator McConnell’s home and posted it to social media, where it, of course, went viral and received plenty of attention from both the left and right, cheered by one side and denounced by the other.

Inciting violence

McConnell’s injured shoulder did not win him any sympathy from the protesters, either, but in fact was seized upon joyously, with one protester expressing her fervent wish that McConnell had fractured his neck during the fall instead of just his shoulder.

Another protester jokingly wondered if the injury had been the result of somebody, somewhere, using a “voodoo doll” against McConnell. A female protester seemed to agree with that and pleaded to the hypothetical voodoo doll owner, “Just stab the motherf—er in the heart, please.”

As explicit as the crowd became with its chants and threats of violence, the demonstration was permitted to continue for some time as the Louisville Metro Police deemed the gathered activists to be “protesting peacefully.”

To be sure, it was unlikely that any direct harm would have come to McConnell from the protesters, given the fact that aside from the Lousiville cops who showed up to monitor the situation, the Senate Majority Leader was also protected by his security detail of U.S. Capitol Police that had arrayed itself in a line across the front yard between the protesters and McConnell’s house.

Undiluted hate

Nevertheless, the protest was a raucous affair that involved the use of noisemakers, banging objects loudly to create a disturbance and even dragging a shovel back-and-forth along the asphalt to disrupt McConnell’s — and everyone else in the neighborhood’s — otherwise quiet evening.

There were the typical leftist chants of “No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA!” as well as repeated shouts of “Murder turtle” and “Massacre Mitch” that were aimed at McConnell.

“This h– really thought he was going to get ready to be at home after he hurt his little punk a– shoulder,” one protester was overheard shouting. “B—-, don’t nobody give a f–k! F–k your thoughts and prayers, Mitch. F–k you, f–k your wife, f–k everything you stand for,” the invective continued.

Misplaced rage

There is no doubt that these leftist protesters and gun control advocates were enraged by the mass shootings — as was everybody else — but they have wrongly focused their rage on Mitch McConnell instead of where it solely belongs — at the feet of the murderous scumbags who pulled the trigger to kill innocents randomly.

Thankfully there was an established security presence at McConnell’s home in Kentucky when the angry protesters arrived, otherwise that disruptive and loudly explicit protest could easily have gotten out of hand and become dangerous and perhaps even violent for the leader and his wife.

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