Protesters target home of DHS head Chad Wolf

Shut Down DC, a leftist activist group, targeted the home of Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf on Sunday, Newsweek reported.

Protesters began gathering near Wolf’s home in Alexandria, Virginia, soon after 10:00 am on Sunday, as seen in photos and videos posted to social media.


Shut Down DC is one of the activist groups that sees the deployment of federal agents to Portland, Oregon, where they have been sent to protect a federal courthouse from violent anarchists, as wrong.

“Trump’s Department of Homeland Security is invading our cities,” the group claims.

Wolf, of course, is the head of DHS, and as such he has been vigorously defending the decision to deploy federal agents to Portland, saying on Tuesday, “We will not retreat. We will continue to take appropriate action.”

This is the reason why Shut Down DC is targeting Wolf.

Plans made

The group made plans both on Facebook and through email, agreeing on some kind of protest outside of Wolf’s home, according to Fox News.

“The Department of Homeland Security, under the leadership of Acting Secretary Chad Wolf, was deployed to Portland, Oregon last week,” the group wrote in an email, according to The Washington Examiner. “Since then, unidentified federal agents have violently attacked protesters and bystanders, including with chemical weapons, and kidnapped people in unmarked vans.”

This is the exact false narrative that Wolf has been fighting against. “Attempted arson is not a peaceful protest. Physically attacking law enforcement is not freedom of speech. Destruction of property is not peaceful assembly,” Wolf recently tweeted. “Criminals perpetrating these crimes are being arrested…not law-abiding protestors.”

Nonetheless, Shut Down DC wants federal agents to retreat, for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to be abolished, and for “every person detained by CBP to be freed.”

Not the first time, but it ought to be the last

Wolf, of course, is not the first Trump administration member to be targeted by leftist activist groups. A similar thing happened back in 2018 to Wolf’s predecessor, Kirstjen Nielsen, who was accosted at her home for supporting President Trump’s immigration policy.

In American, the long-cherished solution to political disagreement is voting. But, apparently, not anymore. The so-called progressive party is doing what it can to regress us by centuries.

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