Protesters swarm Pelosi’s home, demand she extend eviction moratorium

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has angered quite a few of her own constituents after House Democrats failed to pass an extension on the federal eviction moratorium.

According to Breitbart, Congress’ failure to pass the extension after President Joe Biden put the ball in Pelosi’s proverbial court resulted in a large group of activists swarming the speaker’s San Francisco home, demanding that she reconvene Congress and get the eviction moratorium extension passed.

“The moratorium to help renters who have lost their jobs and income due to COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] expired after House leaders failed eleventh-hour attempt to extend it to Oct. 18 ahead of a six-week summer recess. The moratorium ended at midnight Saturday,” Fox News reported.

“Eviction notice”

Making their point clear, a group of roughly 40 protesters tacked an “eviction notice” to the front door of Pelosi’s swanky residence. One of the protesters read the notice out loud, which can be heard in the video below.

The activists slammed the speaker for being “out of touch” with the hardships and struggles of Americans whose lives were disrupted as a result of a harsh round of lockdowns and restrictions during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The protests came in the wake of the Biden administration calling upon Congress to formally extend the program, with the White House citing a recent Supreme Court ruling as the reason why it lacked the power to do so itself.

Pelosi turns the tables

Facing an obvious public relations crisis, Pelosi moved to turn the tables back on the Biden administration in a surprise statement issued on Sunday evening, as Politico reported.

The speaker, along with a group of her high-profile Democratic colleagues, demanded President Biden use his executive powers to immediately renew the extension until mid-October, even though the White House previously stated that it’s no longer able to pass such an extension, due to the aforementioned SCOTUS decision.

“On Thursday, the President asked Congress to pass an extension of the eviction moratorium. Sadly, it is clear that the Senate is not able to do so, and any legislation in the House, therefore, will not be sufficient to extend the moratorium,” the statement read.

The Democrats added: “Action is needed, and it must come from the Administration. That is why House leadership is calling on the Administration to immediately extend the moratorium,” adding that passing the extension is a “moral imperative.”

At this point, there seems to be a civil war brewing between congressional Democrats and the Biden administration over the issue. If Democrats fail to find a way to get in front of the situation, it could be yet another blow that they cannot afford to take as the 2022 midterm elections draw closer.

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