Angry protesters rally against VP Harris as she arrives in Guatemala

Early on in his administration, President Joe Biden tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with taking a leading role in addressing the immigration spike along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Although Harris has faced subsequent criticism for a perceived lack of action, she took her first international trip this month, landing in Guatemala to a less-than-enthusiastic local reception.

“Kamala Go Home”

According to Breitbart, protesters showed up to oppose her arrival with signs bearing slogans like “Kamala Go Home” and “Kamala Mind Your Business.”

On the other hand, former President Donald Trump apparently remains popular in the Central American nation, with some demonstrators donned pro-Trump apparel or displayed slogans including “Kamala, Trump Won.”

A number of images and videos began circulating on social media shortly after Harris arrived in Guatemala.

As Axios reported, Harris landed in the country to announce the Biden administration’s plan to provide COVID-19 vaccines and widespread humanitarian aid as part 0f its goal to address the “root causes” for the border crisis.

“The LGBT, pro-abortion ideology”

Of course, it is that government largesse that has offended many Guatemalans who have expressed concerns that U.S. aid will never make it to the people who need it.

Some of those demonstrators who protested her visit are clearly concerned with other aspects of her ideology, though, including some who spoke out against her pro-abortion agenda.

Society In Action explained its opposition in a statement, declaring: “We’re not against Kamala Harris’s diplomatic visit, but rather her interference and blackmail in return for aid.”

One member further asserted that the group is “against their agenda of imposing the LGBTQ, pro-abortion ideology.”

For his part, Biden is expected to travel across Europe while attending the upcoming G7 summit even as his critics say his administration seems dead set on ignoring the connection between his own policies and the ongoing surge in illegal immigration.

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