Angry pro-abortion protesters take to streets in Democrat-run states where abortion laws remain unchanged

The Supreme Court on Friday struck down the abortion rights precedent set by 1973’s Roe v. Wade, returning the issue to the individual states, which immediately sparked angry pro-abortion protests that, in some cases, bordered on violent riots in cities all across the nation.

Somewhat ironically, though, many of those instances of civil unrest occurred in Democrat-run cities and states where abortion will continue to be a protected right, Breitbart reported.

D.C. and New York

Beginning closest to the source, protests erupted in Washington D.C., particularly right outside the Supreme Court building. A Fox News reporter documented the chaos that included the burning of an American flag, vandalism, and clashes with police.

Just up the East Coast, the New York Post reported that more than two dozen protesters were arrested by the New York Police Department for a variety of alleged offenses.

The angry protest in New York City involved vandalism, threats of violence, actual violence by some against the police, and an attempt to block off traffic in a major intersection.

Los Angeles and Seattle

On the opposite side of the country, protesters in Los Angeles, California, took to the streets to voice their anger over the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion, and some of those protesters attempted to shut down traffic on a freeway and physically assaulted vehicles that attempted to dodge or drive through the blockade.

The New York Post also noted that arrests were made following violent clashes between the protesters and officers of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Farther up the West Coast, in Seattle, Washington, pro-abortion protesters, including black-clad members of Antifa, staged a massive protest outside the downtown Federal Building before marching around the city, during which some protesters physically assaulted pro-life counter-protesters as well as police officers.

According to a state-by-state breakdown by ABC News, however, abortion laws in California, New York, Washington state — and also D.C. — will remain unchanged following the Supreme Court’s ruling. Breitbart noted that protests and violence also erupted in Phoenix, Arizona, and Dallas, Texas, and while those are certainly Democrat-run cities, the states are Republican-run and will now have significantly restricted abortion rights.

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