Leftist protester who attacked elderly Trump supporter arrested

While frenzied leftist protests are still going on over Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, some sense of sanity was restored by the Capitol Police.

After assaulting an elderly man supporting Trump and Kavanaugh, a young woman ended up getting arrested by the Capitol Police.


The attack against the elderly gentleman was cowardly at best.

The woman, who appears to be in her early twenties, initially was only jumping up and down in front of the man.

All the while, the man stood still holding up two signs.

One read, “She is a good liar;” another simply said “Trump.”

Eventually, though, she started swinging at him and his signs.

To his credit, the gentlemen somehow kept his cool and just allowed her to carry on while still trying to keep his signs visible, even after they were damaged by the young “lady.”

Later, she was seen handcuffed, being escorted out by police.

Watch below:

The Attacks Continue

Attacks such as this are nothing new for conservatives.

In fact, this was actually rather tame compared to some of the things we saw during the election season.

Even so, and even though this girl was arrested, these attacks are almost welcomed by the left side of the aisle.

With Kavanaugh now being confirmed, it is expected that Antifa will start to kick up its attacks again.

And, with it being so close to the election season, we can fully expect other leftist activist groups to get rolling again soon as well.

If the 2016 presidential election season provides any lessons, it is that these groups are going to be able to go unchecked.

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We cannot, however, allow that to dictate our actions as conservatives.

Just keep in mind when you head out to voice your opinion, you better keep your head on a swivel.

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