Far-left activists planning protest at home of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson

Far-left protestors are getting ready to go back on the offensive against conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The Resist This activist group is organizing a “Halloween Party”-themed protest outside Carlson’s home on Friday evening. 

Resist This

The party/protest is being held to protest “creepy” Tucker Carlson, according to the Facebook event post. “TUCKER CARLSON is so scary, it feels like Halloween. So let’s tell this slimelord how creepy he is at his home on Friday evening,” reads the description.

Resist This has been linked to the Smash Racism DC activist group.

Smash Racism DC was the group that famously protested at Carlson’s house last year, terrifying his wife.

The group asked attendees to dress up in Halloween costumes for the event. According to the post, the group wants the event “to be conducted in a safe manner.”

They also claim it is their right to protest at the homes of the “rich and powerful.”

Be On Alert

Carlson has suddenly found himself in the middle of the left’s fight against this administration. Regardless of the wording of that announcement, we know how the left works.

ANTIFA groups have shown during previous protests they have little tolerance for anyone not agreeing with them. Now, they are going to invade the privacy of a conservative personality at his actual home, which is completely unacceptable.

Due to the previous protest, Carlson’s address is public knowledge, and quite a few people indicated they would attend the protest on the Facebook post.

All it takes is one overly-zealous protestor or someone coming to the defense of Carlson to turn this into a massive riot. The local police MUST prevent this from happening before the worst-possible-case scenario becomes a reality.

While the media has been very vocal about the perceived threat against the likes of Jim Acosta, this is an actual real threat against Carlson. However, we expect zero outrage from the left because the person at risk is not one of their own.

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