Prosecutors decline to charge prison guards on duty when Epstein died

Convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein’s death in 2019 was ruled a suicide, but has sparked widespread speculation regarding the events leading up to his final moments.

As for the prison guards who allegedly fell asleep before the disgraced financier died behind bars, federal prosecutors have recently announced a decision to drop all charges against them, the Daily Caller reports.

Guards falsify prison records

Tova Noel and Michael Thomas worked at the Metropolitan Correctional Center where Epstein was being held on charges related to sex trafficking.

The two guards were accused of falling asleep on the job and thus failing to perform their duties, which would have included checking on Epstein and the other prisoners.

They faced additional charges of falsifying prison records, to which they pleaded guilty.

After Epstein’s body was ultimately found in his cell, a coroner’s report listed his cause of death as suicide. That ended the official story, but plenty of controversy remains.

His brother hired another medical examiner whose report contradicted that of the state’s coroner, determining that the injuries appeared to be consistent with a homicide.

“Happy to put this case behind him”

While it does not answer other persistent questions about the circumstances of Epstein’s death, the decision announced this week confirms that Noel and Thomas are off the hook for any wrongdoing. Earlier this month, prosecutors addressed the judge overseeing the case to indicate a desire to drop charges they had brought against the two guards.

The prosecutors appeared to have been motivated, at least in part, by the fact that both individuals have completed community service and otherwise complied with the terms of a prior non-prosecution agreement.

For their part, the two would-be defendants were elated with the decision. Noel’s attorney issued a statement indicating that he is “extremely grateful that we were able to convince the government and the court that termination of criminal prosecution through a deferred prosecution agreement is in the interests of justice,” as the Daily Caller reported.

Thomas “is very happy to put this case behind him,” he said through a statement by his lawyer.

The latest wrinkle in the Epstein saga came as a jury found longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of five out of the six charges she faced related to conspiring to recruit, groom, and sexually abuse young girls.

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