Prosecutors in Trump cases being put under microscope in new documentary

 April 9, 2024

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A new documentary being released by the organization behind the American Greatness website, next week on April 17, is exposing the "four corrupt, politically motivated" prosecutors now pursuing cases against President Donald Trump.

The narrator of "Chasing Trump" explains, "They say they're upholding the law. But a close examination reveals politics of the very worst kind meant to influence the 2024 election."

He cites, "Four corrupt, politically motivated prosecutors. One target: Donald Trump."

Interviewed on screen is criminal defense attorney George Bochetto who explained the "highly aggressive" actions by the prosecutors.

"Can there be any doubt there's a sentiment of 'This is get Trump?'"

The video documentary is coming just as a trial is starting in which leftists are claiming Trump violated business regulations with a non-disclosure agreement, a common practice in business transactions.

The facts of the case were reviewed and then rejected for lacking evidence of wrongdoing before it was resurrected and turned into a felony case.

A comment from the Daily Mail said, "Trump allies will step up their attacks on prosecutors investigating the former president next week, with the launch of an online documentary accusing them of political activism and electioneering."

"'Chasing Trump' is an important documentary that exposes the leftwing prosecutors weaponizing the government to target my father," Donald Trump Jr. told "It's the first documentary to do a deep dive into the backgrounds of the prosecutors behind the four cases against him and is a must-watch for anyone who cares about preserving the rule of law and protecting our constitutional rights."

Among the subjects is Alvin Bragg, the prosecutor in Manhattan, who has created a list of 34 charges against Trump over that non-disclosure agreement.

Another subject is Fani Willis, a Georgia prosecutor who is bringing an organized crime case against Trump and a dozen others for their comments after the 2020 presidential election, which was subjected to multiple undue influences that likely benefited Joe Biden. Willis has been accused of racism in the case, and a judge already has confirmed she had the appearance of a conflict of interest for hiring her paramour to work on her anti-Trump allegations.

Then there's special counsel Jack Smith who is claiming Trump committed crimes by having documents from his presidency in his home after leaving office. Another special counsel found Joe Biden was in essentially the same position, but recommended against charging him because of his obviously "diminished" capacity.

Finally, there's New York Attorney General Letitia James, who campaigned on the promise to "get Trump," even without any allegations of wrongdoing. She found a judge who agreed with her agenda and declared Trump guilty of fraud before the trial, which was only to establish damages. The judge, Arthur Engoron, then ordered a penalty of $454 million for Trump in the case that had no victims, no one losing money, and no one making any complaints.

The Mail explains the documentary "makes the case that Trump is being punished for taking on the status quo and echoes his constant refrain that he is subject to a witch hunt."

Even the judges in the cases cannot escape criticism, and one, Juan Merchan, who is hearing one of the cases, has a daughter to is an activist who benefits financially from her work for Kamala Harris and others who have attacked Trump.

The report said "Chasing Trump" is the first in a series to be produced by American Greatness.

The documentary is to appear on some streaming sites, including Rumble and X.

Curt Mercadenta, managing editor of American Greatness, explained to the Mail the video would shock anyone "who believed the legal system was free from partisan political considerations."

"With the 2024 election starting to heat up, Americans must have the opportunity to learn more about the truth behind the prosecutions targeting President Trump, along with the partisan prosecutors behind the cases," he explained.

And Mike Davis, of the Article III Project, said, "These four prosecutions against President Trump are nothing more than partisan political activism masquerading as the rule of law."

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