Federal judge says prosecutors in Epstein case broke the law

Clinton friend Jeffrey Epstein got far too much of a break, so says a federal judge.

On Thursday, Judge Kenneth A. Marra stated the prosecutors working the case against Epstein, a known sexual predator, violated the Crime Victim’s Rights Act (CVRA) when working out his plea bargain deal.

It’s About Who You Know

Epstein’s case took on significant prominence because of the company he kept.

Among those who reportedly frequented his parties was none other than former President Bill Clinton.

There were more than a few people that thought Epstein would never see the light of day when they heard the horrors of his case.

However, prosecutors hammered out a deal that kept the sordid details of the case fairly private.

All things considered, Epstein walked away with a sweetheart of a deal and the girls he was accused of molesting and trafficking were left with a bewildered look on their collective faces.

Breaking the Law

According to CVRA, victims of the crime have a right to be properly informed regarding the case. That apparently did not happen here.

Prosecutors reportedly kept the victims in the dark, telling them the investigation was still ongoing, while at the same time working out a deal with Epstein.

This judgment will, however, also have implications for President Donald Trump. You see, one of the prosecutors working the case, Alexander Acosta, is currently serving the administration as the Labor Secretary.

That tie, unfortunately, will serve as a way for the media to break the news cycle on Smollett and move it back negatively towards Trump.

The attorney representing the victims in this case, Brad Edwards, was thrilled with the decision. However, he also noted this is something that never should have taken so long in the first place (this has been ongoing for 11 years).

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