Prosecutors decline to prosecute Michael Avenatti for felony domestic abuse

Michael Avenatti has apparently dodged a bullet — but he is not out of the woods yet.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the Los Angeles District Attorney would not be filing charges of domestic abuse against Michael Avenatti, the attorney for Stormy Daniels and possible 2020 presidential hopeful who was accused of assaulting his girlfriend.

No Answers

Avenatti has remained adamant the charges against him would be dropped — and it turns out, he was right.

The liberal DA did not reveal why the charges were being dropped, but this is where it gets a bit more interesting for Avenatti.

The case was actually referred to the City Attorney and is still apparently under investigation.

So while Avenatti is grabbing every microphone he can find to say he has been vindicated, he is far from out of the woods just yet.

What We Do Know

The details of the case came through Avenatti’s girlfriend, Mareli Miniutti, and were rather disturbing.

According to Miniutte, Avenatti hit her and dragged her out of the apartment.

When she tried to get into a neighbor’s apartment, he allegedly dragged her back into their apartment.

Eventually, she managed to get out of there, but not before Avenatti allegedly landed a few shots on her.

Avenatti claims surveillance cameras in the building will back up his story, but reports have recently alleged that the cameras all cover only public spaces, and would not show the attack as described by Miniutti, anyway.

Pictures of Miniutti showing bruises and red marks have also surfaced on the internet, but they have yet to be authenticated.

Still, police did issue a restraining order against Avenatti for Miniutti.

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While Avenatti may think he is out of the woods, he still has a bit to go in the public’s eye before he is exonerated.

Unlike liberals, though, we will hold off our judgment until all the facts are in and we get to see the evidence that has been referred to the City Attorney.

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