Prosecutors claim Smollett did a ‘dry run’ of his hoax hate crime attack the day before

Not long after the start of actor Jussie Smollett’s trial this week, prosecutors were quickly able to establish that the young celebrity isn’t all that great at acting.

According to Fox News, it’s becoming more clear by the day that Smollett likely faked his hate crime hoax, as a video emerged which allegedly shows Smollett conducting a “dry run” of the hoax hate crime attack just a day prior to it taking place.

The video footage, special prosecutor Dan Webb explained to the jury, reportedly shows Smollett rehearsing the fake attack with Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, the brothers who Smollett had worked with on his show, Empire, and allegedly recruited for his hoax hate crime.

During his opening arguments, Webb reminded the jury that the brothers involved claimed they each received a check for $3,500 from Smollett for helping fake the attack.

The defense’s response

Smollett’s defense lawyers claimed that the two brothers actually attacked Smollett in 2019, simply because they didn’t like the actor, which was new information for many, though hardly believable.

The defense attorney also claimed that the $3,500 check was payment for training for an upcoming music video Smollett was to take part in, and not related to the hoax hate crime.

However, they didn’t acknowledge the $100 in cash allegedly provided to the brothers to pick up supplies for the hoax event.

Going further, Smollett’s defense team also claimed that a third attacker was present on the night he claims he was assaulted, though extensive video footage, captured from street cams to doorbell cameras, show no hint of a third attacker being involved.

Other missteps

According to the New York Post, Chicago Police Detective Michael Theis, the first witness called to the stand, stated that he believed it was unusual that Smollett wasn’t forthcoming with Chicago police after the supposed hate crime took place.

“I mean the crime was a hate crime, but a horrible hate crime. There was a noose, there was bleach. It was local news. It was national news,” Theis said, emphasizing that he expected Smollett, given the gravity of the alleged attack, would be fully cooperative at the time.

“At the end of the investigation we determined that the alleged hate crime was actually a staged event,” Theis added, noting that dozens of detectives spent over 3,000 man-hours investigating the incident.

Only time will tell if the jury agrees, but with the latest evidence against Smollett, he’d better start to prepare for a worst-case scenario, legally speaking.

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