Prosecutor in charge of decision to indict Hunter Biden is a Trump appointee

The federal prosecutor who will decide whether or not to indict Hunter Biden in the federal investigation into his financial dealings has been identified by CBS News as David Weiss, an appointee of former President Donald Trump. 

“Weiss now finds himself overseeing the politically-charged investigation into Hunter Biden’s possible tax violations and other aspects of his business dealings,” the outlet reports.

It adds, “the 66-year-old Weiss, a Republican, will have to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to seek a federal grand jury indictment against the son of a sitting president, Democrat Joseph Biden.”

This may sound like bad news for the Bidens, the fact that the prosecutor who will make this decision is a Republican who was appointed by Trump. But, based on some of the decisions that Weiss has already made in the investigation of Hunter Biden, things are not so clear.

“A straight shooter”

In its report on Weiss, CBS News cites one “former close associate of Weiss” as describing Weiss as a “straight shooter.” “He is not a Trumper nor is he close to Biden,” the anonymous source added.

Weiss has several unique accomplishments to his name. For one thing, when Trump, in 2018, appointed him to be the U.S. Attorney in Delaware, Weiss actually received the endorsements of the state’s Democratic Senators, Tom Carper and Chris Coons.

In addition to this, Weiss is one of the only U.S. attornies who Biden did not fire when his administration took over. CBS suggests that this is because of optics – that Biden knew it wouldn’t look good to fire the man investigating his son. But, perhaps there is another reason, namely, that Biden thinks that Weiss can be trusted to go easy on his son.

The outlet also cites “several former colleagues” as expressing their beliefs that “Weiss would be neither overly aggressive nor overly protective in handling the investigation.”

A tale of the tape

We already have some examples of decisions that Weiss has made in his investigation of Hunter Biden. One example is from July 2021 when Politico reported that Weiss decided to pause the investigation into Hunter Biden given that the 2020 presidential election was incoming.

Weiss, though, then proceeded to keep the investigation paused and under wraps in the final few months of 2020. He did so despite the damning report on Hunter Biden released by the Senate Finance Committee and despite the discovery of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. This, in effect, allowed the left and the mainstream media to do what it did, namely, discard the Hunter Biden story as conservative propaganda.

Is this what a “straight shooter” does?

Admittedly, we have no idea what Weiss is going to decide with regard to Hunter Biden. Perhaps, he will prosecute; perhaps, he won’t. But, the way he handled things in 2020 likely will not inspire confidence in Republicans that he will do his job.

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