Prominent academic dies during live broadcast – world remembers her legacy

A disturbing and horrific moment was captured on live TV this week.

Rita Jitendra, a well-known Indian academic, suffered a heart attack and died while appearing on Good Morning J&K.

Normal One Second…

Jitendra seemed to be fine during the interview.

The 81-year-old academic was clearly lucid and answering questions when the incident occurred, leaving the staff on the show stunned.

Rushed to Hospital

Staff did everything the could to save the woman.

Zahid Mukhtar, the anchor of the show, said: “She was telling us a few interesting things about her life and was looking absolutely normal.

“But, suddenly, she stopped talking and began having hiccups. We had to cut the interview [and switch to] a documentary to attend to her and take her to [the] hospital,” he added.

Jitendra was soon pronounced dead.

Foresaw It Coming?

While appearing in good health, Jitendra had actually discussed this very thing happening earlier that day.

She reportedly told a close friend that when she did die, she wanted to do so in the same way A.P.J. Adbul Kalam died.

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Kalam was the former president of India who died in the middle of a lecture.

Be it weird coincidence or an odd feeling she had, she got her wish.

She will be missed.

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