Projections Show Republicans Taking Commanding Midterm Election Lead

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Many times an amazing scene has been filmed for the movie industry’s latest blockbuster, only to be left on the cutting room floor because there was no support for its inclusion any longer.

It seems now that a huge number of items Joe Biden may have wanted to accomplish during his presidency may end up there, too.

It’s because of a predicted GOP wave that is building for next week’s midterms.

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The Daily Mail cited various polls that show voter enthusiasm continues to develop for Republicans even just days before the vote.

For months, the party had been predicted to become the majority in the House, with the Senate up for grabs.

“As of Wednesday, however, that appears to have changed,” the report said. “Rising crime and concerns about the state of the economy – including inflation – appear to have won out as the top issues for likely voters.”

The report said the GOP now is expected to pick up four seats in the Senate, breaking the Democrat hold over the 50-50 body which has come through Kamala Harris’ tiebreaking vote as vice president.

A poll aggregator’s report said Republicans are expected to take over from Democrats in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, and New Hampshire.

The report said, “On the House side, Republicans are forecasted to win 228 races, compared to 174 projected Democratic victories. That means that even if the left wins all 33 toss-up races, they would still fall short of the 218 thresholds needed for a ruling majority in Congress’s lower chamber.”

The predictions are from Real Clear Politics, one of the best-known names in polling and election analysis, among others.

The report said a survey, by CNN, found that the momentum Democrats thought they could build through their pro-abortion agenda, as well as Biden’s handout of taxpayer money to millions of students who have loans due, “dissipated.”

Polling shows 51% of likely voters would pick a GOP candidate on a generic congressional ticket, while only 47% would choose Democrat.

Further dragging down Democrats has been Biden’s far-underwater approval ratings for many months now already.

The poll notes that 75% of likely voters believe the country already is in recession, and over half say that’s their top issue.

White women, who broke for Biden in 2020, now are “running toward the Republican Party in droves,” the report warned.

Half responded that Republicans have a better economic plan while only one-fourth say that of Democrats, the Daily Mail said.

And the report warned, “In another knock to Democrats, it appears that most of these voters see their migration to the right as long-term. If the 2024 election were held today, suburban white female voters favor Donald Trump over Joe Biden by a margin of 52 percent to 41.”


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