Project Veritas confronts Murkowski on ranked choice election

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, often has been derogatorily identified as a “RINO,” that is, a “Republican in Name Only,” because of her often leftist politics and persuasions.

One of those issues has been the newly approved “ranked choice” voting in Alaska, where voters will be allowed to name their top picks for office, in order, not just their only choice.

Now it appears that Murkowski has been, behind the scenes, supporting that plan, despite her protestations of neutrality.

The word comes from Project Veritas, which interviewed her staff members, and then asked her about their comments.

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According to the Gateway Pundit, Project Veritas already had released undercover video of her staff members “claiming the Alaska senator quietly supports rank choice voting so she can win re-election.”

The video reveals Josiah Nash, the campaign’s Interior Coordinator, admitting while Murkowski publicly was neutral, she secretly supported the implementation of a ranked voting system in Alaska because that is her route to victory.

“She stayed quiet and honestly it was probably best she stayed quiet on that,” Nash said, adding that “she supports it, yeah.”

“You’re not going to see the campaign come out and necessarily support progressive things. I mean, behind closed doors we’ll have talks…” Nash continued. “We’re being strategic with our messaging. Walking a fine line, I guess is what I’m saying, to try to get her elected.”

Murkowski explained to Project Veritas that the ranked choice voting was a result of a campaign in Alaska.

It, she said, “was an initiative led by the people in the state of Alaska.” She said, it “made it through the Alaska process. And you have the results that you have.”

But while Murkowski was willing to talk about the process in Alaska, she didn’t respond to questions about her staffers’ comments.

Nash said, “Between you and me, Ballot Measure 2 [Ranked Voting System] was actually created — I think it was created for two reasons. Number one, it was created because there were people in this state who wanted to see a better system, but they also wanted Lisa [Murkowski] to get re-elected.”

Her communications director denied any significance to the fact that former Murkowski staff members pushed the initiative.

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