Report: Progressives aren’t happy about Kamala Harris for VP

Things aren’t looking too good for Joe Biden’s new running mate.

While establishment Democrats may be cheering Biden’s choice to add California Sen. Kamala Harris to his ticket, progressives on Twitter have reacted to Biden’s choice with outrage, according to a new report from Fox News.

“Top cop” Kamala

It’s hard to think of a worse choice for Biden than the former California attorney general who once called herself the Golden State’s “top cop.” Indeed, as those on the left double down on calls to defend the police, their presumptive presidential nominee chose an ex-prosecutor to serve as his VP.

Progressives and supporters of self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders shared their displeasure about the move on Twitter following Biden’s Tuesday announcement — and they didn’t hold back.

“We are in the midst of the largest protest movement in American history, the subject of which is excessive policing, and the Democratic Party chose a ‘top cop’ and the author of the Joe Biden crime bill to save us from Trump,” former Sanders national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray tweeted Tuesday, according to Fox. “The contempt for the base is, wow.”

Journalist Walker Bragman had a similar message, as Fox reported.

The establishment wins

According to Fox, other progressives blamed the Democrat “establishment” for letting something like this happen.

“Whether she ran a good campaign, [whether] the voters wanted her or not, the establishment in this system almost always gets what they want. The band plays on,” The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur wrote in a tweet Tuesday. As Fox reported, Uygur promised to boost the Biden–Harris ticket ahead of November, but said he’d mount a primary bid “against whichever one of them runs in 2024.”

Still others weren’t so polite in their messaging.

It remains to be seen whether Biden and his new right-hand woman will be able to overcome these criticisms to rally voters to their side this fall. But as of now, the future doesn’t look promising.

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