Progressive leftist group launches ‘Don’t Run Joe’ ad campaign to discourage second term for Biden

It should go without saying that virtually all Republicans hope that President Joe Biden will be a one-term president, but they are actually not alone in that regard as a growing number of Democrats and far-left progressives hold the same dim view of Biden’s continued leadership.

In fact, a progressive campaign dubbed “Don’t Run Joe” was just launched in the wake of the midterm elections with the goal of convincing Democrats to nominate somebody other than President Biden in the 2024 election cycle, TheBlaze reported.

Biden has not won over progressive leftists

“In 2024 the United States will face the dual imperatives of preventing a Republican takeover of the White House and advancing a truly progressive agenda,” the campaign said on its website. “The stakes could not be higher. The threat of a neofascist GOP has become all too obvious. Bold and inspiring leadership from the Oval Office will be essential.”

“Unfortunately, President Biden has been neither bold nor inspiring. And his prospects for winning re-election appear to be bleak. With so much at stake, making him the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer in 2024 would be a tragic mistake,” the campaign continued. “‘Moderate’ policies have failed to truly address such pressing concerns as the climate emergency, voting rights, student debt, health care, corporate price-gouging, and bloated military spending in tandem with anemic diplomacy.”

“Biden triumphed over Donald Trump in 2020 with vital help from extraordinary grassroots efforts in swing states by progressive organizations (including RootsAction),” the statement concluded. “A president is not his party’s king, and he has no automatic right to renomination. Joe Biden should not seek it. If he does, he will have a fight on his hands.”

The website also included a petition that people could sign to “Tell Joe Biden not to run for president in 2024.”

The ad campaign launched in New Hampshire

RootsAction, as mentioned above, is a far-left progressive grassroots organizing group that is the driving force behind the “Don’t Run Joe” campaign that has dedicated itself to “resist the policies of the Republican right at every turn, while confronting the Democratic Party’s tendency to give ground to GOP obstruction in the name of ‘bipartisanship.'”

The organization announced Wednesday that it had launched its anti-Biden campaign in New Hampshire with ads promoting messages like “We cannot risk losing in 2024. We shouldn’t gamble on Joe Biden’s low approval rating;” “Now is not the time for weak measures! We need solid leadership to keep Republicans out of the White House in 2024;” and “We need strong leadership to defeat Republicans in 2024. #DontRunJoe. Give Democrats a fighting chance.”

The group, founded in 2011 by progressive leftist activist, threw its support behind the candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in 2016 and 2020, and also launched a “Vote Trump Out” campaign in 2020 that it claims played a substantial role in motivating voter opposition in important battleground swing states to a second term for former President Donald Trump.

Polls show large majorities oppose a second Biden term

President Biden has not yet formally announced a re-election campaign, but he has repeatedly stated that he fully intends to seek a second term in office.

However, CNN reported that its own election exit polling showed that 67 percent of voters don’t want Biden to run again, a number that includes nearly 40 percent of Democrats, and there are other polls that place the number of Americans opposed to a Biden 2024 run as high as 75 percent.

Yet, during a post-midterms press conference on Wednesday, when asked directly about those polls, Biden said it would not play any factor in his decision on whether or not to run again, and his only message to those who opposed him running again was simply, “Watch me.”

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