Profs warn major U.S. city to start preparing for evacuation

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A Berkeley professor is suggesting that Miami should be preparing for an evacuation.

Because of climate change.

One of the key threats that climate-change advocates use against America’s population is that they claim, rising seas are going to flood coastal regions.

Despite that warning, the ultra-wealth, like the Obamas, continue buying beach-front properties, for millions.

But now a report from Fox News explains that Daniel Aldana Cohen and Samantha Schuyler argue in a piece in the Nation that preparations might be wise.

Cohen, a UC Berkeley sociology professor, said the idea would be to “force municipalities across the United States to get serious about hosting climate migrants in egalitarian ways.”

He continued, “It’s urgent for governments and social movements to start planning for millions of people to land in new places. Prepping for Miami’s evacuation is a perfect starting point. Its residents are a multiracial, multinational, and multigenerational assemblage that spans the class spectrum. Tragically, many of them are already climate migrants – like Puerto Ricans displaced by recent hurricanes.”

His plan for the future?

“If cities around the country were forced to plan how they’d integrate arriving Miamians into communities flush with public green investment, they’d get a head start on planning for climate migration generally. This would also trigger conversations about zoning for density, enshrining tenant rights, upgrading infrastructure, taxing the rich, building green banks, and battling racism and police violence.”

The piece at The Nation bluntly said, “Miami is drowning.”

“In 2020, a report from the climate think tank Resources for the Future declared Miami the most vulnerable major coastal city in the world. Of course, the city’s future is uncertain – we don’t know quite how much sea-level rise we can still prevent or how well we’ll adapt in place. When I visited a few years ago to talk with people about climate change, many told me that they were sick of outsiders parachuting in to tell them they’re screwed. I get that. And yet in the coming decades, many of the county’s 2.6 million residents will leave. Maybe most of them.”

He said the act of preparing would “help them immeasurably.”

The piece claimed, “Matt Hauer, a climate demographer at Florida State University, has shown that millions of Americans will be displaced by rising seas this century, largely from South Florida.”

Added to that are problems with “wildfire” “unimaginable heat and drought” and “violence, poverty, and climate change,” the warning said.


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