Probe launched into Jack Smith's 'tampering' with Trump evidence

 May 8, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A judge in Florida, facing a multitude of unresolved disputes over evidence in the Biden administration's "lawfare" classified documents case against President Donald Trump, has delayed it indefinitely.

One report in America's media noted the multiple "pretrial conflicts" brought up by special counsel Jack Smith and Trump's defense team, most of which are not even close to resolution.

Judge Aileen Cannon ruled that setting a trial date "before resolution of the myriad and interconnected pretrial and [classified evidence] issues … would be imprudent."

Legacy media outlets immediately attacked the judge, with headlines about the judge's "bias and incompetence," her being "out of her league," her "second-guessing," and even the wild claim "A 12-year-old would come up with a better ruling.'

Also continuing to cloud the whole case is the Supreme Court's decision to weigh in on President Trump's presidential immunity for his actions.

But all of that is not even the worst news out there for the partisan special counsel, Jack Smith, whose team admitted in court that the FBI probably tampered with the evidence in the case, possibly rendering it unreliable.

It's now known that the chief of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep.Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is beginning an investigation into Smith's "evidence tampering."

A report at the American Center for Law and Justice pointed out the irony of Smith "admitting to evidence tampering" in a case over "the very documents he is accusing President Trump of mishandling."

The tampering admission came in a court filing in which prosecutors admitted: "There are some boxes where the order of items within that box is not the same as in the associated scans."

That means after the documents were recorded, someone went in and changed the order, took some out, and possibly put something in, without documentation.

Smith's critics immediately noted that prosecutors previously had said, falsely, in court documents that the papers were "in their original, intact form as seized."

Smith's team admitted that was a lie.

"The government acknowledges that this is inconsistent with what government counsel previously understood and represented to the court," they said.

Jordan then told the DOJ there is an investigation beginning, and instructed Biden's bureaucrats to send him all information related to the mishandling of classified documents.

The ACLJ speculated, "Based on what the prosecutors admitted in their Friday court filing, it sure looks like evidence tampering took place with the classified documents that the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago last summer."

Trump suggested that Smith be arrested as "he is a criminal."

Jordan also noted that Smith earlier "attempted to tamper with a witness by offering a lawyer a judgeship if the lawyer got a witness to cooperate."

The ACLJ said, "Also, don’t forget Special Counsel Robert Hur’s dismissing the charges of classified documents against President Biden because he didn’t believe the President was fit to stand trial. With all this chaos encircling the classified documents and since Smith has condemned himself, Attorney General Merrick Garland should do the right thing and order Smith to drop the charges."

The ACLJ's senior counsel, Harry Hutchison, commented on the idea of dismissing charges:

"I think that’s possible certainly concerning some of the charges if not all of the charges. And I think it’s also imperative to remember how differently the DOJ under Jack Smith is handling the case against Donald Trump and how differently the Special Counsel investigating Joe Biden handled [the] classified documents concerning the Biden affair. Remember, Joe Biden kept classified documents in a garage with his Corvette. . . . And Joe Biden has admitted that he shared these classified documents with an individual who was not vetted or did not have permission to review those documents. Why? Because Joe Biden had an $8 million contract to write a book. So one of the things that I think the American people can see . . . [is] a double standard."

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