Report: Robert Mueller’s probe is ruining lives – even those who haven’t been charged with anything

Robert Mueller has been going after Trump and his allies for more than two years.

Sadly, even many of those brought in for questioning by Mueller and his allies who have not been charged are having their lives ruined by the special counsel’s team, according to a Washington Times report.

Scarlett Letter

Being called in by Robert Mueller during the Trump presidency has been equated to having the Scarlett Letter burned onto your face.

While few have been charged, Mueller has brought in dozens of individuals for testimony.

In far too many of these cases, these individuals have been targeted by far-left whackos.

These individuals often find themselves listening to death threats and physical violence when they appear in public or pick up the phone.

Additionally, many of these people are also in complete financial ruin now, as they’ve been hit with massive legal bills.

False Claims, Real Repercussions

Meanwhile, Democrats have been living in the age of the conspiracy theory. For the last two or three years, they have been throwing out accusations without real proof.

In 2017, they accused a former Trump staffer, Carter Page, of being a Russian asset. Afterward, Page received several calls from an individual threatening his life because he was a “traitor.”

This was but one of the hundreds of calls Page received from people wanting him dead because of his alleged actions.

“It’s a life or death situation,” Page said. “I can’t walk out on the street because of the threats.”

Another victim of the Mueller probe is Michael Caputo, who was called by the same House Committee that called Page and suffered much the same fate.

During his hearing, Caputo was called Putin’s “image consultant” by Rep. Jackie Speier.

“That comment changed our lives forever,” Caputo said. “The more this bogus investigation unfolded, the more my family suffers.”

“Welcome To The Crowd”

What is even sadder than what has happened to these individuals is the fact that Democrats have no remorse at all over their bogus accusations. When Speier was told of Caputo’s current problems, she merely said: “Welcome to the crowd.”

These stories are told time and time again by those questioned by Mueller and the House probe into Russian collusion.

The time has come for Attorney General William Barr to demand Mueller to wrap up his investigation and end this witch hunt.

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