Probe in launched into Fani Willis

 January 22, 2024

A member of the local board of commissioners has launched an investigation into Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D). 

The board member who is promising the "full investigation," according to NBC News, is Fulton County Commissioner Bob Ellis.

This comes following the recent revelation that Willis may have had an improper romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, the man whom Willis has chosen to lead the prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

"Under no circumstance should . . ."

Ellis provided a brief statement to NBC News explaining why it is that he has chosen to launch a "full investigation" into Willis.

"Under no circumstances should an elected official contract with or hire someone whom they are in a romantic relationship with," Ellis said.

Ellis, however, went a step further. He added that, even if such a romantic relationship does not exist, "accepting favors and extravagant gifts from such contractors should also be considered improper."


As stated earlier, it has been alleged that Willis has been in a romantic relationship with Wade, the man whom she has chosen to prosecute Trump. This, of course, is already problematic. But, it turns out that the situation is even more problematic than it might first appear.

For one thing, it has been alleged that Willis agreed to pay Wade significant sums of money and that Wade has used some of this money to take Willis on trips.

The person who has been making these allegations is Michael Roman. Roman is one of Trump's co-defendants in the criminal case that Willis has brought against Trump. Roman, as a remedy for Willis's alleged improper behavior, is asking for the charges that he is facing to be dismissed.

Roman has further alleged that Willis chose Wade and paid him extremely high legal fees even though Wade is not really qualified to lead the case against Trump.

One of the latest revelations is that Wade allegedly filed for a divorce from his wife, Joycelyn Wade, literally the day after Willis chose him to lead the prosecution of Trump. The information comes from Joycelyn.

The investigation has begun

It appears that Ellis's investigation has already begun.

NBC reports, "Ellis, who serves as chairman of the county’s audit committee, sent a letter to Willis on Friday requesting documents related to the appointment of special prosecutors, and payment and invoices for special prosecutors’ services dating back to Jan. 1, 2021."

Willis has not provided a statement on the matter.

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