Canadian journalist killed by terror attack in Somalia

A Somalian-Canadian journalist tried to help improve the reputation of her native land and it cost her everything.

Hodan Nalayeh traveled back to Somalia to prove everyone wrong about the stereotypes of her native country, from which Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) also hails, but was killed in a terrorist attack.

The Narrative

Many Americans believe Omar’s regular criticisms of America are not only unwarranted but a bit hypocritical, considering from where she immigrated.

It is that exact sentiment that sent Nalayeh to Somalia. The Somali native, who was a Canadian journalist at the time of her death, went back to her homeland to prove to everyone how beautiful and peaceful Somalia really is.

The trip started out well enough, with Nalayeh posting on social media about some of the more serene settings the county has to offer…

As it turned out, however, that would be one of the last moments of the young journalist’s life. Two days later, her hotel was attacked by terrorists, killing 26 people, including Nalayeh, who was pregnant with her third child, and her husband.

Islamic extremist group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack.

Unjust Criticism

Nalayeh’s death was tragic, but it proved something to millions of people that feel frustrated with Rep. Omar.

Omar is a woman that was able to escape a country where horrifying attacks like this are the norm, not the exception.

Having escaped that environment, one would think she would be excited to be safe in this country, and embrace American values.

Instead, she expresses nothing but disdain for our country and our ways.

She has sided with organizations that are known to be sympathetic to terrorist organizations, yet the media continues to give her a free pass.

While we will not go so far as to tell her to back from where she came, we will say it would be nice to see Omar express some gratitude for the country that took her in and allowed her to escape those horrible conditions.

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