Pro-mask Democratic school board members reinstated to board after being kicked off

A group of pro-mask Democratic members of a Pennsylvania school board received temporary relief this week after a judge reinstated them to their board positions.

According to Fox News, the five members of the board who were in favor of reinstating mask mandates in the classroom had essentially been booted off the school board thanks, in part, to a parent-filed petition, as most parents are sick and tired of having their children muzzled in the classroom.

However, this week, Court of Common Pleas Judge William Mahon vacated a previous order he made with regard to the status of the Democratic school board members.

The original petition, filed by parents in Pennsylvania’s West Chester Area School District, resulted in the pro-mask school board members being kicked from the board, as parents argued that they lacked the authority to implement a new round of mask mandates.

Motion to reconsider

A lawyer representing the five Democrats who were kicked off the board had submitted a motion for reconsideration to the judge last week.

Legal counsel for the school district filed a similar motion.

“As more information regarding the ongoing legal proceedings becomes available to share, I will be sure to keep everyone up to date,” Superintendent Dr. Robert Sokolowski said in a statement.

The members who had been ousted and then reinstated were identified as Sue Tiernan, president; and directors Joyce Chester, Karen Herrmann, Kate Shaw, and Daryle Durnell.

Why support masks?

With emergency orders requiring masks expiring long ago, and a recent state Supreme Court ruling in Pennsylvania that limited the implementation of such mandates, parents were understandably irate after learning that the five Democratic school board members were under the impression they could keep children masked up.

“The board opted to continue requiring masks after Pennsylvania’s state of emergency first ended in June 2021. It kept the decision in place two months after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared the mandate unconstitutional in December,” Fox News reported.

One would think that these people would take a hint and understand that parents are sick and tired of masking children. It’s simply ineffective, unnecessary, and grossly unsafe for their development.

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