Pro-lifers sue government for refusing to release abortion records

 May 6, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

With the fall of the faulty Roe v. Wade abortion "right," there are states where the number of abortions has fallen dramatically.

So in one, Indiana, authorities decided they no longer would allow those public health records to be accessible.

And they are getting sued for their plan.

"This isn't about protecting women," Melanie Lyon, of Voices for Life, explained of the sudden change. "This is about protecting dangerous abortion providers from public scrutiny and consequences for illegal activity."

report at The Federalist explains Indiana's new abortion limits are very strong.

"The new law, with exceptions for rape, incest, lethal fetal anomaly, and serious threat to the mother’s health, blocked hundreds of abortions. Once the law went into effect, the number of abortions in the last quarter of 2023 drastically dropped to just 46 in the entire state, compared to 1,724 abortions in the same period a year before," the report said.

Then the state Department of Health, which tracks abortions, changed procedures and refused to release further "terminated pregnancy reports," which were being monitored to determine if there were any illegal activities present.

State bureaucrats simply claimed the reports, which have been issued for decades and contain no information that could identify a patient, suddenly were "medical records."

State Attorney General Todd Rokita earlier suggested a legal case might develop, because he said those documents remain public records.

So Voices for Life, with the help of the Thomas More Society, has filed a lawsuit over access to those records.

Voices for Life tracks Indiana's abortions and provides detailed information, including information about doctors who violate the law in doing abortions, the number of maternal deaths, babies born alive, and such.

Lyon explained public access to the abortion reports is necessary to make sure abortionists are not abusing the exceptions that were created.

She charged that the state health department is providing cover for abortionists with the changes.

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