Pro-lifers post online Planned Parenthood's own 'rules' for escorts

February 18, 2023
World Net Daily

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In what it says is a move to help pro-life sidewalk counselors outside abortion businesses, the Thomas More Society has posted online a copy of Planned Parenthood's own rules for its escorts.

It's the "Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania Patient Escort Training Manual,” which details expected behavior by abortion-promoting volunteers at the abortion giant, the legal team said.

"This will be an asset to those who pray and counsel outside abortion facilities," the report said.

Peter Breen, Thomas More Society executive vice president, said the guidelines were "inconsistent" with how those escorts behave.

Among the requirements for the escorts, which are posted online, are to "be calm," "respond to hateful language with silence," "ignore protesters," "act in accordance with all guidelines," and more.

"Escorting is not the appropriate environment for expressing your political beliefs. By your presence alone you are making a positive statement, one that demonstrates pride, patience, and strength," Planned Parenthood advises.

"It is unacceptable behavior to engage with or antagonize the protesters. Even engaging in a 'small' discussion is discouraged. This non-engagement policy is strictly applied to all PPSP staff and volunteers."

The Thomas More Society said the manual surfaced during its defense of pro-life sidewalk counselor Mark Houck, who was acquitted of meritless and discriminatory charges by the Biden Department of Justice.

"The trial, in which Houck was falsely accused of violating the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, revealed that the abortion 'escort,' who antagonistically engaged with the devout Catholic father of seven, breached the rules of interaction as dictated by Planned Parenthood," the report said.

The legal team explained, "Among the alarming cases in which Thomas More Society attorneys have represented pro-life advocates against despicable behavior by volunteer abortion 'escorts,' Breen lists:"

  • Erika Schanzenbach of Bristol, Tennessee, was brazenly harassed by abortion facility “escorts” who licked her arms, blared bullhorns in her face, blew in her ear, shadowed her on the public right-of-way outside the abortion venue, and hurled profanities, taunts, and obscene gestures directly in her face
  • Daniel French of Montgomery, Alabama, was sued for the destruction of property after an abortion facility “escort” manager had him arrested, claiming that he was responsible for breaking a $25 umbrella—that was ruined as an angry abortion “escort” smashed it over Daniel’s head
  • Ten pro-life sidewalk counselors from Church@the Rock in Brooklyn, New York, were testified against by the head of the abortion “escort” program at a Jamaica, New York, facility, whose under-oath courtroom testimony was entirely fabricated

"We are sharing this manual in hopes that sidewalk counselors will be able to use the information to assist in their creative, committed, and loving approaches to reaching women and men in need,” stated Breen. “We hope that, out of the grave injustice done to Mark Houck and his family, many lives will be saved by pro-life advocates."

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