Pro-life Activists Report 13 States Now Abortion-Free

A team of pro-life activists, from the famed Operation Rescue organization, is reporting that there now are 13 abortion-free states.

That’s a result of the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs to return regulation of the lucrative abortion industry to states, as well as the fact that 62 abortion businesses recently have stopped performing the procedures, the report said.

The report from Anne Reed explained, “After a week of investigative phone calls, Operation Rescue has determined that 62 abortion clinics have recently stopped performing abortions. Among those 62 clinics no longer killing babies, 18 closed altogether. North Dakota’s abortion ban is currently blocked, and abortion is legal. However, the last remaining abortion clinic closed, making it abortion free.”

The report pointed out that now more than 78 million people are living in abortion-free states.

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There continues to be a dispute over Idaho’s status, as a federal judge has intervened with a new interpretation of the law.

Otherwise, the states include North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

A long list of other states also reveals that the process to eliminate the abortion industry and preserve the lives of unborn babies is making progress.

“After so many years of fighting to close abortion clinics, we are excited to see some of the fruit of our labor,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Praise Jesus! Together, we continue to fight this battle for the lives of the most vulnerable among us!”

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