‘Pro-gun’ Dem caught working with gun-grabbing billionaire Bloomberg

Surprise… a Democrat candidate is lying to his constituents.

Democrat Senatorial candidate Phil Bredesen has been telling Tennessee voters he is pro-gun, all the while hobnobbing with known anti-gun moneyman Michael Bloomberg.

Watch below:

Tell Them One Thing…

Bredesen has the challenge of running as a Democrat in a state that loves and respects both the 2nd Amendment and the United States Constitution as a whole.

So, coming out as openly anti-gun is not exactly a smart approach to take when trying to win office.

Even while saying he is pro-Second Amendment, though, he has taken a stance on universal background checks and the banning of bump stocks.

Thankfully, the truth is beginning to trickle out about Bredesen’s real loyalties.

Even better is the fact it has happened in plenty of time before the mid-term elections.

Bloomberg’s Plans

Bloomberg may be laying some serious groundwork to make a run at the White House in 2020.

He just announced his re-registration in the Democrat party on Wednesday, a move that some think is preparation for a possible run.

By backing Democrat Senate hopefuls like Bredesen, he hopes to have a stacked deck ready to go if he is able to beat Trump in the presidential election.

If this happens, a lot more than bump stocks are on the line.

The Second Amendment as we know it will be changed forever, as will our ability to defend ourselves in our own homes.

If Bloomberg does in fact run for president, it will put Democrats in a very interesting position.

Even though Bloomberg has served as mayor in New York, he has limited political experience compared to most presidential candidates.

He would also be coming out of the private sector as an extremely wealthy businessman, something the Democrats slammed Trump for during the last election.

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Experience-wise, Bloomberg is an identical candidate to Trump.

If he runs and gains the support of the party, it will only further prove the hypocrisy of the modern Democrat party.

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