San Francisco Archbishop says pro-abortion Democrats should be denied communion

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) may profess to be Catholic, but she is certainly not aligned with the archbishop of her diocese.

In a recent letter, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco slammed Catholic public figures who promote abortion, such as President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and said they should be denied Holy Communion, the Washington Examiner reported

“No Catholic in good conscience can favor abortion,” Codileone wrote. “Our land is soaked with the blood of the innocent, and it must stop.”

Pelosi chastised

Biden and Pelosi both profess to be Catholic while also staunchly supporting abortion.

Over the years, both politicians have both been questioned about how they can support abortion while still being part of the Catholic Church, which holds that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life and a sin against God.

In 2008, Pelosi claimed during an interview that “over the centuries, the doctors of the church have not been able to make that definition” of when life begins, adding that her Catholic faith “shouldn’t have an impact on a woman’s right to choose.”

Cordileone blasted Pelosi for this statement, saying that she “speaks in direct contradiction to a fundamental human right that Catholic teaching has consistently championed for 2,000 years.” The phrase “right to choose” is “a smokescreen for perpetuating an entire industry that profits from one of the most heinous evils imaginable,” he said.

Banned from Communion

Catholics have been calling on the Church to stop allowing public figures, like Pelosi and Biden, to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, as their support of abortion is in direct contradiction with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Cordileone, in his letter, suggested that this could be a proper step to take.

“Our responsibility to the rest of the Catholic community is to assure them that the Church of Jesus Christ does take most seriously her mission to care for ‘the least of these,’ as Our Lord has commanded us, and to correct Catholics who erroneously, and sometimes stubbornly, promote abortion,” Cordileone wrote.

He continued by stating that this correction could involve excluding these individuals from communion.

“This correction takes several forms and rightly begins with private conversations between the erring Catholic and his or her parish priest or bishop,” Cordileone wrote. “Because we are dealing with public figures and public examples of cooperation in moral evil, this correction can also take the public form of exclusion from the reception of Holy Communion.”

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