Princess Kate is on the mend but is still unlikely to attend important ceremonial events next month

 May 30, 2024

Kate Middleton is easing back into her royal duties but likely will not attend at least one significant military ceremony, Fox News reported. The 42-year-old royal has been sidelined from her work since January and is currently receiving cancer treatments.

According to an anonymous source claiming to be a friend, the Princess of Wales has "turned a corner" in the treatments for her disease. "It has been a great relief that she is tolerating the medication and is actually doing a lot better," the source previously told Vanity Fair.

In January, Kate underwent abdominal surgery. She revealed in March via video message that she had been undergoing treatment for an unspecified cancer, which threw the royal family into chaos. Despite the good news, Kate is taking it very slowly in her return to work.

Kate's Choice

To Di For Daily podcast host Kinsey Schofield noted that the princess isn't being pushed to do more than she feels she can. "King Charles and Prince William have repeatedly stressed to the Princess of Wales that she should feel no pressure to return to public duty until she is ready," Schofield said.

Although she may not be ready for duty right away, Kate is increasingly showing up in public. "She has been spotted around town, looking upbeat," Schofield said.

"Neighbors and her children’s schoolmates' families have been protective of her and do what they can to ensure that she is protected from prying eyes," he added. She's also been given the room she needs to heal rather than rush back to her duties.

"The palace won’t officially give us any indication of a potential Catherine return. It is up to their doctors and ultimately Catherine’s choice," Schofield said.

One of those choices included declining to appear at the Colonel's Review, a ceremonial military tradition, on June 8. There's no word on whether she will be attending the nation's other important military event, Trooping the Colour, on June 15, but the palace's reluctance to confirm her presence perhaps speaks for itself.

Trending Positive

Although her prognosis is still unknown, there are indications that the news is trending positive for Kate's recovery. The mother of three has been focusing on family time as she continues her recovery journey.

"The children are wonderful and getting a lot of extra time and love from their 'Mama' and 'Papa' right now. It's a significantly positive sign to see Prince George attending sporting events with Prince William," Schofield said.

"Especially an event where there are cameras in their faces, and you get a glimpse of so much of their personalities. George is an excellent athlete like his parents," Schofield said of the couple's oldest child.

"The family is spending time outside and enjoying this rare downtime together. Things are looking up, and I think that the royal family is grateful and looking forward to the future," Schofield said.

The royal family has its share of detractors, but Kate is a beloved figure on both sides of the pond with many people rooting for her recovery. Although she is in no rush to return to her royal duties, there are encouraging signs that she is getting better by the day.

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