Princess Anne's husband says she is 'recovering slowly' from concussion

 June 27, 2024

Princess Anne is recovering "slowly" in the hospital after suffering a concussion, her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence told reporters Wednesday. 

The 73-year-old Princess Royal - who is the sister of King Charles III of Britain - is believed to have been injured by a horse while walking at her country estate last weekend.

Princess Anne "recovering slowly"

Anne has no memory of the incident, but doctors said her injuries are consistent with being hit by a horse's head or legs. Her husband - who has been to the hospital in Bristol every day to check on her - told reporters Wednesday that she is "recovering slowly."

"She'll be out when she's ready," he said.

The day earlier, he said Anne was making slow but steady progress as he expressed gratitude to her doctors and the sympathetic public.

"We are both profoundly grateful to the medical team and hospital support staff for their expert care - and to the emergency services who were all so wonderful at the scene," he said.

"We are both deeply touched by all the kind messages we have received from so many people near and far. It means a great deal."

Is injury being downplayed?

Anne's hospital stay forced her to miss the King's state dinner with the emperor and empress of Japan, and she had to nix a trip to Canada as well.

The Princess is famously resilient and has been one of the busiest members of the British monarchy at a difficult time, with her brother King Charles III and Princess Catherine of Wales each fighting cancer. Anne has accounted for a quarter of all royal engagements this year, the Daily Mail found.

Buckingham Palace has seemingly downplayed Anne's injury, describing it as "minor" and assuring the public of her full and "swift" recovery.

The circumstances, including her failure to recall what happened, have led to speculation that Anne's condition may be worse than the palace has reported.

"She has stayed overnight and I think that should be an indication that this was no minor matter," former BBC royal correspondent Michael Cole told GB News hosts Emily Carver and Tom Harwood on Monday evening.

"As we all know, she's quite a tough cookie and for her to go to a hospital in Bristol means that there was a cause for that."

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