Prince Harry spotted for first time in the wake of child naming controversy

 January 18, 2024

The Royal family seems to have more drama these days than it has in quite some time.

According to the Daily Mail, since its report regarding the late Queen Elizabeth's reported anger over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's claim that they had her blessing to name their child Lilibet, Prince Harry has been spotted for the first time.

Initial reports from one of the queen's staff members at the time indicated that the queen was "as angry as I'd ever seen her" over the apparent false claim that she gave her blessing to do so.

The name Lilibet was the queen's childhood nickname.

What's happening?

The Daily Mail described Prince Harry as looking "pensive" as he was spotted while on a jog this week.

The outlet reported that the 39-year-old Royal family member was "seemingly wearing a frowning, serious expression."

The Daily Mail noted:

Harry's post-workout sighting in Santa Barbara, California, on Tuesday morning comes just days after Robert Hardman's bombshell new biography revealed the late Queen's anger over the claim in 2021 that she had given them her blessing.

Notably, Harry and Meghan clearly believe they had the queen's blessing at the time, as they publicly stated that they would have never considered using the name without that blessing.

The queen, according to inside sources, reportedly said in the wake of the child bearing the name, "I don't own the palaces, I don't own the paintings, the only thing I own is my name. And now they've taken that."

More drama

The situation regarding the name was heavily contested by both sides. Meghan and Harry reportedly had their lawyers write to news outlets to say that any claims that they didn't have the queen's blessing to name their child Lilibet were "false and defamatory."

The lawyers demanded that the media outlets not repeat that in their stories regarding the controversy.

"The couple subsequently fired off warnings of legal action against anyone who dared to suggest otherwise, as the BBC had done. However, when the Sussexes tried to co-opt the Palace into propping up their version of events, they were rebuffed," the new book said.

Legal actions against the BBC and other outlets never came to fruition. Only time will tell what drama erupts within the royal family next.

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