Britain’s Prince Andrew turns off comments on his social media posts amid Epstein scandal

If you left a comment on Prince Andrew’s Instagram recently, you might be disappointed to see that it’s now GONE.

Amid reports of the British royal’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew has turned off comments on his Instagram page, according to the New York Post.

Buddy-buddy with Epstein

Internet trolls are great at making people’s lives miserable — but when it comes to Prince Andrew, it’s not just any run-of-the-mill scandal.

The British royal has had a long and very open friendship with Jeffrey Epstein over the years — and now, everyone wants to know just how close these two were.

Reports have alleged that Prince Andrew visited Epstein’s private island, where sex with underage girls was reportedly happening on a regular basis.

Epstein and Prince Andrew were also reportedly seen together on numerous other occasions, often in the company of young girls.

Serious allegations

In addition, a 2011 photo has been seized by the FBI depicting Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a woman who has claimed she was used as a sex slave by Epstein — though the picture’s authenticity has been called into question.

Giuffre has also outright claimed that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew by Epstein when she was just 17.

Prince Andrew, of course, denies the allegations — but the court of public opinion seems to be siding against him so far.

He may have shut off his Instagram comments, but that won’t stop people from speculating elsewhere.

When will we know the truth?

Only time will tell.

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