Prince Andrew in hot water after seized FBI photo made public

To this point, Prince Andrew has denied any wrongdoing regarding the pedophilic crimes of Jeffrey Epstein.

But according to the New York Post, the FBI seized a picture of Prince Andrew with a woman who was accused Jeffrey Epstein of using her as a sex slave when she was underage. The photo, taken around 2001, was seized by the FBI in 2011, and has recently come back into play since Epstein’s arrest this year.

Damning Photograph

Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein have had a long and very public friendship. It has been documented that even after suspicions about Epstein’s behavior was brought to the attention of Prince Andrew, he refused to break ties.

Additionally, Prince Andrew has always maintained he knew nothing about his pedophilic habits, nor did he ever partake in them.

A 2001 photo tells a different story, though. In the picture, Prince Andrew is seen with both Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged madam and recruiter, and Virginia Giuffre, the woman with a pending lawsuit against Epstein.

The authenticity of the picture, however, has been called into question.

Real or Not?

When the picture was first made public, Prince Andrew denied any wrongdoing and claimed he did not know the woman. Allies of Prince Andrew were quick to point out some irregularities in the picture.

For instance, the Prince’s hands are both very red in the photo, showing a significantly different color from his face, as well as the skin of Giuffre. Additionally, his friend stated the fingers themselves do not look like Prince Andrew’s fingers at all.

This photo is now believed to be part of the new investigations launched by the arrest of Epstein (although the case against Epstein himself has been dismissed due to his suicide).

Giuffre’s attorney is using the picture as a central part of his case in claiming Prince Andrew knew Giuffre and based on how she looks in that picture, that he had to know she was underage at the time.

For now, though, it is a waiting game to see if the FBI can, in fact, verify the authenticity of the photo. If it proves to be photoshopped, Prince Andrew will likely be in the clear and Giuffre’s lawsuit will take a major hit.

However, if the photo is found to be authentic, Prince Andrew may soon find himself in a similar situation Epstein faced before taking his own life.

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