Prime Minister of Jordan resigns as protests swell

Jordanian citizens have spoken and their will has been heard.

On Monday, the Prime Minister of Jordan, Hani Mulki, resigned from office.

Trying Times

Jordan has been in turmoil for years.

New taxes have caused citizens to unite in protest, calling for the Prime Minister to be ousted and the taxes to be rescinded.

In addition to the tax issues, Mulki has had significant problems putting together a cabinet to push his agenda forward.

Mulki was deemed “business-friendly” and was expected to give a boost to a local economy that is struggling.

However, his time in office has seen the complete opposite happen.

Growth has been virtually stagnant and now income taxes have been increased along with significant price hikes on goods.

Crown Supports the People

Prince Hussein bin Abdullah has stood strong in the wake of the protests.

He has been adamant the people of his country must be able to voice their opinion.

On the protestors, he stated, “They must be able to express themselves and voice their opinions and our duty is to protect them.”

The Prince added, “We and they support the King. We want to protect this country.”

Continued Protests

Protestors have been adamant that a change in leadership would not dissuade them from continuing their protests.

The problems go far deeper than these latest taxes and price hikes.

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For instance, the country is currently experiencing an 18.5% unemployment rate.

In addition, a full fifth of the entire country is considered to be below the poverty line.

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